About Us

What defines us

Based in Regina, Saskatchewan we are an Indigenous-owned company with a focus on building relationships.

When we think about our life and consider what we want our legacy to be, making a positive difference to people and communities is what gives it true meaning.

We sincerely believe in the importance of building relationships with our clients, the communities in which we work, Indigenous people, groups and businesses, Government and industry partners, landowners, and suppliers of goods and services. We recognize that building and earning trust is essential to our becoming a valued company, for continued improvement and growth. We look forward to working with you.

True to our values, we are responsive to your project needs, and make sincere commitments and follow through until the job is completed to the highest standard.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to establish a strategic alliance of business-savvy, progressive Indigenous partners that are interested in project development, especially renewable energy projects.

Skyhawk is committed to providing 100% Saskatchewan solutions.

Through strong partnerships, we increase Indigenous participation in a growing renewable energy sector, and align our efforts to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Skyhawk, along with our partners achieve its purpose by advancing competitive renewable energy projects that generate attractive financial returns for First Nations, create local employment and training opportunities, business development and economic opportunities, and provide environmental benefits (reduced GHG emissions).

Our Values

Collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and communities is fundamental to our approach and company success. We value a strong network of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors. Our ability to generate agreement with a single vision, is what guarantees our power to offer high-quality deliverables at a competitive prices, while maximizing Indigenous participation and benefits.

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